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A Halloween Tablescape So Cheap, It's Scary!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Happy Halloween! This year is extra special for me. Not only do I now have my own home, I finally have a dining room table! I know it sounds silly, but I've always dreamt of having a grand dining space that I can decorate for the holidays and fill with family and friends. That was the one thing that was missing for me when moving from one tiny apartment to the next.

I figured Halloween would be the perfect holiday to test out my first tablescape. I love ALL things spooky, and look for any chance I can get to feature Dead Fred and his skelly squad. [Don't be surprised if you see him in a Santa suit in the coming months... he likes to overstay his welcome.]

I don't know much about tablescape decorating just yet, but I knew I needed to include my four favorite elements: candlesticks, greenery, skeletons and a pop of color (orange, duh).

Below are all the elements I used in my tablescape. I tried to link everything, but Dollar Tree has removed most of their Halloween collection from their website. *sigh*

Black Stoneware Plates: $1 each at Dollar Tree

Black Stoneware Bowls: $1 each at Dollar Tree

White Taper Candlesticks: $1 for a 2-pack at Dollar Tree

Glassware: $.50 each at ReStore

Skull Heads: $1 each at Dollar Tree

Mini Pumpkins: $1 each at local farmers market

Pumpkin Garland: $1 each at Dollar Tree

Now to be fair, not everything on this table was $1, just the majority of it. The woven table runner is from Target, but I had a gift card so it was essentially free! But table runners don't have to be expensive. I've seen several people use linens or drop cloths as table runners.

The Jadeite glass dinnerware plates are from Walmart. These originally were not part of my tablescape. I wanted to keep the vibe dark and moody, but as soon as I added in this subtle pop of color I fell in love.

Last but not least, the black "Fulltalig" candlestick holders are from IKEA. I've seen a ton of candlestick holders at GoodWill and other thrift stores for a fraction of the cost, but I've had my eye on these ones for so long - I just love the look of them!

I am so happy with how this last-minute Halloween centerpiece turned out. There's definitely an element of cannibalism that I didn't plan for or notice until now...but hey, there are no rules in the underworld!

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