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A New KylieWhiteSpace in the Making!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

If you've been following along with my journey, I'm sure you've seen some photos of my new place!

It all happened so fast. I honestly feel like the stars aligned on this one. For months I was looking at luxury apartment complexes, but I couldn't commit to anything because the cost was astronomically high, and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied in a place where I couldn't do any projects... that's my thing! So I waited, and held onto my vision of what I wanted. If I can manifest my dream house, I can do it again. I felt in my heart that the right opportunity would present itself.

And sure enough, it did. A friend of mine was presented with another living opportunity in the city, so I asked if I could move into her condo. Within a week, I was all moved in. And within a day, I was all unpacked lol. You know I don't have an off switch...I've been waiting for this day for so long!

We all did one big house swap, and it ended up working out beautifully. This isn't the area I originally intended to move to, but it's exactly where I'm meant to be. I'm not too far from home. I'm surrounded by nature, gardens, walking trails, water, friends, nightlife - everything I wanted. Lots of space, open concept, tons of natural light.

The best part is the fact that I'm able to make this space my own. There aren't a lot of landlords out there that will let you paint, install new flooring, replace light fixtures, renovate, etc.

...I also didn't tell him that I did any of that yet, but he genuinely does not care, I swear!

When I first moved in, I had set everything up exactly the way it was in my house without even realizing it. That's just what I was used to. I was so excited to finally bring my things out of storage, to have a place of my own and start over.

Then one night, I was sitting on the couch watching tv, observing my surroundings - and I had the most painful flashback. For a moment, I was transported back into my old life - sitting on the same couch, laying on the same pillows, feet on the same coffee table, watching the same show. I looked up and saw the same two accent chairs, with the same two leather pillows, sitting on the same rug, next to the same shelf that held the same books, vases, plants...

But this time, I was alone. The person I had built all of this with was gone.

So, the very next day I started making some changes. This included some major retail therapy. I bought some new artwork, new pillow covers, new area rugs. I moved some things around, I painted, I rearranged. I shopped...until I dropped lol. Then, I started planning and designing several easy, budget-friendly rental projects.

It's starting to feel like home in here now. I've accomplished a lot in my first two months. I painted the kitchen - those bright blue walls had to go. I built my beloved custom shelves. And now, I'm focusing on the bathrooms. They're a bit outdated, but have a lot of potential.

I have big plans for this place. I love it here. I'm happy. Of course, I still have moments where I would cut off my right arm to have my old life back. But I'm shifting my focus to gratitude and looking forward to bigger and better things. I'm grateful for this new #kyliewhitespace, and I'm excited to continue creating and transforming!



"Today is a perfect day to give thanks for where you are. Give thanks for the storms you bravely sailed through. Give thanks for the breakdowns that led to the breakthroughs that leveled you up. Give thanks for the tests that turned into triumphs. Give thanks for the burdens you released to make room for blessings. Give thanks for the choices that created more miracles. Mostly, give thanks for the amazing person you are becoming and for the life you are building."

- @CommandingLife

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