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My Amazon Store: Favorite Finds For The Home

If you're looking to shop all things KylieWhiteSpace, you've come to the right place! I love to shop local and secondhand whenever I can, but I have to admit that Amazon has really come in handy with all of the DIY projects I tackled this year. It's quick and convenient. Plus, I had a few gift cards to burn so I figured I'd refresh my home. I've had a ton of people ask for links to specific items in my home, so I created my own Amazon Storefront if you'd like to purchase any of the items I'm about to show you!

Since I'm back to renting, I had to get creative with my space. Peel-and-stick goes a long way! I used peel and stick wallpaper, vinyl flooring, and subway tile backsplash to transform this space on a budget. I highly recommend the backsplash I bought on Amazon. It looks identical to the real subway tile I had in my old beloved shower! I'm tempted to buy more and line my entire shower with it...but that would cost a pretty penny.

I also don't have a ton of storage here, so I try to get crafty with my items. My style is always evolving, so I'm constantly switching out my bedding, pillows and blankets. I have way too many! I bought a lot of pillow and duvet covers this year in order to save space while also feeding my unhealthy shopping addiction. They're not as bulky as comforters, and I no longer have a closet full of throw pillows.

Another storage hack that I'm a huge fan of is storing bulky throw blankets in a pouf ottoman. No need to buy an insert! The Moroccan pouf that I purchased held 6 bulky throw blankets. It's great if you have seasonal bedding, sheets, or blankets that you want to store away through the year.

You can shop my home through the photos below, or by visiting my Amazon storefront. I created a ton of fun idea lists to shop from - my favorite faux houseplants, neon signs, storage hacks, my peel and stick picks, seasonal styling - the list goes on, and there's a lot more to come. I do receive commission if you purchase any items through my storefront. I worked really hard to curate this page and these photos, so I appreciate the support!

Happy shopping!




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