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One Year of KylieWhiteSpace!

Updated: May 28, 2021

It's been a pretty eventful year at Cinnamon Drive. After closing on my first house during a global pandemic, quarantine life gave me ample time to tackle a laundry list of interior projects. As my one year house-versary approaches, I wanted to share a few before & after shots of my all-time favorite home projects!

1. Living Room

My bohemian paradise. Earth tones just soothe my soul.

2. The Loft

The upstairs "loft", or bonus room, has evolved the most over the last year. This space has been my home gym, yoga room, movie theater, office and art studio. A lot of love went into this room, hence why I spend so much time up here!

3. Kitchen Shelves

Definitely one of my favorite projects - easy and cost-effective too! I've visualized dual shelving on this wall since the day I moved in. The wood planks were $12 each from Home Depot, plus the cost of the wood stain and the brackets. If you're interested in seeing the process, check out my "SHELVES" highlight on Instagram.

4. The Kitchen

If you've been around for a while, you probably witnessed me trying to remove the original backsplash myself... a failure of epic proportions! That sucker must have been super glued to the wall - shards of glass flying everywhere. It wasn't pretty. So, we hired a professional, and now it is pretty. In the wonderful world of DIY, you can't win em' all. But now this outdated, rental-grade kitchen has been upgraded to a true #kyliewhitespace!

Quick tip -- don't want to spend a fortune on new hardware? Spray paint the current handles!

5. Colorblock Arch

For months, I've just been staring at every wall in the house looking for that perfect "colorblock" spot. And this is it! Now I want to paint every wall matte black. And of course, I had to add my Dollar Store DIY Propagation Wall to complete the aesthetic.

6. Wood Beam Mantle

This was one of the quickest projects I've ever completed! The faux wood beam mantle is from Wayfair. I just popped off the original mantle and screwed on the new one. There's really not much else to's perfect.

7. Powder Room Refresh

Here it is, the VERY FIRST home project! With the leftover peel and stick flooring from a previous bathroom reno, I applied some liquid nails to the boards and adhered them to the wall to add some much needed rustic charm. A new faucet definitely helped spruce things up, too.

8. The Dining Room

I definitely had a grander vision for this room (*ahem, still envisioning black shiplap*), but I don't hate it! While I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to host as often as I'd like to (thanks, COVID), I definitely threw together some magical tablescapes and candlelit dinners that I got to enjoy all by myself.

9. The Bedroom

You may not see a huge difference in these photos below, and that was intentional! I wanted to keep this space simple because I had SO many looks and ideas I wanted to experiment with. Who doesn't like experimenting in the bedroom, amiright?

If you're the type of person who loves to switch things up, I definitely recommend buying a duvet insert. Then you can get a plethora of duvet covers that strike your fancy, and they don't take up as much space as standard bulky comforters.

10. The Plant Shower

Saved the best for last -- the infamous plant shower! I had so many confused souls asking me how I shower with all of these plants in my way. I'll let you in on a little secret...I ONLY DID IT FOR THE GRAM. In reality, I only have about 2 plants in this bathroom lol. But it was worth all the effort, this is one of my favorite photos!

When looking back, 2020 was an extremely shitty year but I am grateful to have been given the time and space to create something so beautiful and meaningful to me. Spoiler alert, 2021 brings an entirely new adventure -- stay tuned!



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