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Recreating My First Home — Rental Style

When the clock struck midnight on Jan 1, something sparked inside me. I've always loved New Year's resolutions, vision boards, goal setting. But what I was experiencing internally was next level. Suddenly, the grief came to a crashing halt and I was filled with euphoric levels of hope, joy and excitement. Maybe it was something in the air - who knows! But I heard the calling loud and clear, and I knew I had to follow it.

It is the 1-year anniversary of the day I said goodbye to my first home. Everyone knows how much I loved that house, and the level of care of and creation I put into it. This whole year has been about rebuilding for me, so I knew 2022 had to top that! When that shift occurred on New Years Day, a crazy idea was born. I decided to recreate my first home - rental style.

I painted every wall of this condo Toque White - the same warm white that was throughout my home. Then I hung up my signature wood shelves in the office. I was desperately missing my white subway tile bathroom, so I ordered a box of peel and stick tile on Amazon for $20 and got to work.

The accent wall was by far my wildest idea. Instead of nailing and caulking the wood onto the wall, I measured and built out a pre-existing frame that I could tack onto the wall with only 2-3 nails. And behold - my renter-friendly masterpiece! I'm working on a tutorial for this, stay tuned.

I did switch up a few things here and there, because my style is evolving and changing. I didn't want it to be identical to my old home, yet I still wanted to capture the essence of the space. But I'm so happy that I was able to recreate the magic of my first home here.

If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. It's been a hell of a year, and I look forward to what's next! Enjoy these side by sides of the old vs. the new.

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