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I'm Dreaming of a KylieWhiteSpace Christmas...

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I finally have an entire house to decorate for the holidays... It's a Christmas Miracle!

I knew I wanted to do something different this year. I've been drawn to natural, organic décor lately. White, wood tones, greenery...ALL the neutral vibes.

This is so different than how I typically decorate for Christmas. For the last 5 years, I've decked out my previous apartments in black and red buffalo check patterns, red glittery bows and ornaments, the brighter the better. But my taste has definitely evolved this year, so I really had to start from scratch.

First I created a list of everything that inspires me, and then I set out on a quest to find what I needed.

- Candlesticks, can't get enough

- Those wood houses from Target that everyone and their mother has

- IKEA Vinter skinny trees

- Faux greenery for my mantle

- White chunky knit throw blanket

- Champagne ornaments

- White knit stockings

- DIY wood bead garland

- DIY dried orange garland

Let me tell you -- Christmas shopping isn't easy during a pandemic when all the shelves are bare. I was lucky to find a lot of items at the Dollar Store. I went on a wild goose chase looking for ornaments and not a single store had any. I went to "Dollar Zone" on a whim and ended up finding the most gorgeous champagne gold ornaments I've ever seen, sold in packs of 3. WIN! Decorated my whole tree for only $10.

After I salvaged my inspiring items, I made a list of every area I wanted to tackle and got to work. I knew the tree had to go in front of our large living room window -- before we even moved in I said "yep, that's where the Christmas tree is going."

Next, I had to decorate the mantle (mostly figuring out how to decorate around the tv). Then, shelf styling -- both kitchen and living room. Finally, my winter tablescape! You all know how much I love to create table settings (...even though I can't even have guests over). I even asked for a new dish set for Christmas, so we're about to level up!

This year I tried to incorporate more natural, organic décor, using greenery from nature, dried fruit and eco friendly wrapping paper. I obviously hopped on board the dried orange garland trend - who hasn't?! I also made wooden bead garland for the tree. What kind of Christmas would it be without crafts?

The holidays definitely looked quite different this year, and not because I chose a different theme. 2020 has been an undeniably hard year. But as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this house and all of the projects and memories I've created here. It's truly the greatest gift I have ever been given. It's all about seeing the silver (and champagne gold) lining!

Wishing you all a safe & happy holiday season.



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